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From the Chairman’s Desk

Service of Mankind is Service of God.

There is no denying of the above truthful saying which has been accepted and propogated by our ancestors and sages of all religions.

The spirit of social service has been the motto of life. Our school always believed in action which can be useful to the community. While touring,it has been experienced that in the rural area of India there is a great shortage of trained Nurses in villages and small towns. People are deprived of good health care in small villages. Sometimes precious lives are lost just at the hands of untrained or ill-trained village maid (Dais). Thus, it has been thought appropriate to bridge the gap by giving suitable training to the young girls. Our efforts succeeded in the year 2002 in setting up a Nursing School at Gurgaon, named R.R SCHOOL And College Of Nursing. The management of the school has done its best to provide excellent infrastructure and facilities for the students and employed qualified and experienced staff who are dedicated and hard working. The school has got affiliation with hospitals having super specialities which give ample opportunities to our students to get better practical experience and specialized training.

We are confident, the students joining the R. R. School And College of Nursing shall put their best effort to gain wide knowledge, so that their parents and society can be proud of these young Florence Nightingales.

We are thankful to the Principal, teaching and other administrative staff for making our efforts a success. We have many miles yet to go because “Nursing goes where life goes”.

Nursing is recognised as the noblest profession in the world. All of us need the services of a nurse who is endowed with a serving spirit. That is how this noble profession is most suited to women. Hence from the very beginning, women have been dominating, if not monopolizing, this area of human service. A mere touch and soothing word of a caring nurse are enough to give comfort and healing touch to a patient.

When we talk of Nursing how can we forget Florence Nightingale the forerunner of the Nursing profession. We at the R.R. School of Nursing are furthering the cause which Nightingale yearned and worked for. The need for nursing professionals is increasing day by day with ever increasing population and new awareness for health care. Nurses are not only indispensable but also there is a need for learning new techniques and specialities so that the expectations of patients and patrons of all strata of society can be fulfilled.

It is how new institutions are coming up to produce nursing professionals. R.R. School of Nursing is engaged in this endeavour to produce the nurses of tommorrow who could contribute towards patient care, comfort and cure. The school is run by Gautam Welfare Society Registered.

The school is housed in a spacious building and provides ample opportunities to the students in achieving excellence in their career.

Rajani Ranjan Sahu
Ex Member of Parliament