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Our Vision

R. R. School And College of Nursing is dedicated to provide best health care and community health development. Our aims are :

  • Systematic upgradation of health care needs in Gurgaon, NCT of Delhi and nearby areas.
  • Balance between needs and potential of trained nurses.
  • Recognizing socio-economic health needs and to promote community health as a whole.
  • To produce “FLORENCE NIGHTINGALES” of India r. r. school of nursing Student shall be medically fit.

The Faculty of R. R. School And College of Nursing believes that sound formal nursing education and practice depends on good nursing educational and scientific principles. We accept that the student nurse should have ample opportunities of learning, observing and adopting the techniques adequately equipped with knowledge, skill and positive attitude. She should be confident, patiece in herself and know how to use knowledge and skill efficiently and effectively in a variety of settings. We also recognize that formal nursing training should prepare the nurse for further professional education.

  • To prepare competent nurses in a healthy and educative environment.
  • To prepare nurses to meet the challenging situations in nursing.
  • To maintain the dignity and status of the nursing profession.
  • To teach and train students with scientific knowledge and principles.
  • To provide opportunities for learning in real situations for practicising nursing both in rural and urban set up.
  • To develop an understanding of the need for continuing and in-service education.
  • To keep students abreast with the advancements in Science and Technology influencing the nursing profession.
  • To facilitate students for the continuous growth as a person, as a citizen and as a professional.
  • To instill confidence in the minds of students to recognize their abilities and capabilities for holding different positions in professionally affiliated associations.
  • To familiarize the students with the international code of Nursing ethics and to act accordingly.